Course List

Introduction to Combat System Engineering Course

Provided by Pugh Associates System Matter Experts, breaking down the complex Combat Systems Engineering industry covering requirements gathering and development, functional analysis, design synthesis and system analysis, ship integration and test, management and planning and alignment. Students have the opportunity to apply the skills they learn in the classroom through group exercises while hearing real-life scenarios from our instructors.

Introduction to Basic Radar Course

Radar systems are a critical component to all three phases of the Detect-Control-Engage sequence, whereby our combatant ships are able to effectively search, track and prosecute incoming threats. This course is aimed at improving and maintaining proficiency in the full range of design and in-service support to radar systems installed onboard ships and shore stations around the globe. Students are taught basic radar systems concepts and types, as well as, radar functionality, configuration, performance benchmarking, applications of Radar Systems as well as techniques and strategies.

Ship Design Weight Control Presentation

Provides an overview of how Weight Control is conducted and managed when designing a Navy ship. Students are taught how to manage Weight Control, establish Weight Budgets, identify the effects on Weight Control posed by a Combat System and the importance of a Combat Systems Equipment List (CSEL).